Merchants/Victims Bad Check Program
Bad Check Criminal Process

The collection of Bad Checks shall be handled directly by the Noble County Prosecutor’s Office. See below for the information that you as a merchant or victim MUST HAVE for each Bad Check to be eligible:

Please make sure you have the following for EACH Bad Check to be eligible:

  1.   The name, address and telephone number must be on the face of the check or on file with the merchant/victim
  2. The Driver’s license number or Social Security number must be on the face of the check or on file with the merchant/victim.

The following types of Bad Checks are NOT eligible:

  1. Two-party checks
  2. Payroll or credit card checks
  3. Checks passed outside of Noble County
  4. Partially repaid checks
  5. Post/predated or altered checks
  6. Checks which are repayment of loan or civil contract agreement
  7. Fraudulent or stamped lost/stolen/forged
  8. Checks you agreed to hold before depositing

Should you have eligible Bad Checks you MUST FIRST:

Send a certified letter to the Bad Check writer allowing 10 days to reimburse the merchant/victim the amount of the check including any protest and service fees up to $27.50 or 5% of the face value of the check not to exceed $250. (A sample letter is available on the “Bad Check Crime Report” below.)

If the Bad Check is not paid including the protest and service fees, you may then complete and return the “Bad Check Crime Report” (below) either via US Mail or Email Be sure to follow the instructions provided in the report below.